Dear Timblography lovers...

PLEASE ATTEND THIS EVENT. It will be exquisite...


Clinic Presents: Launch

So once again I had the pleasure of taking the shots for Clinic. This time it was for the launch event for their first publication. I faced the usual challenges of extreme low light, including the desperate desire to avoid the destruction that flash photography has on capturing mood. I haven't shot anything at all in recent months due to essay deadlines, celebrations and general vacuous attempts to earn money in retail, so forgive the rusty execution... However, if these photos serve as nothing else they should act as a message that you seriously NEED to pick up a copy of their book, it's both beautiful in curation and construction.

 Get your hands on one HERE.

Here were the details for said event... LAUNCH.
& Here are my shots (extended post) of the highlights. 


Final Hand In.

So this week marks the culmination of my photographic module at Goldsmiths. I'm dangerously close to the end of my degree now and teaching has already ended. Yesterday was final hand in day which included the submission of over £600 worth of coursework and portfolio prints, not to mention the cost and effort that went into getting final exhibition quality A2 prints & framing. The work has yet to be installed (pictures of that event will no doubt follow in due course), but just having my body of work in one place, in all its total glory, involved an overwhelmingly satisfying feeling of achievement. Here are the two most prominent features of my submission: My portfolio book & final exhibition selection.


Dave Goodman

A quick portrait of Captain-G for Evie's magazine.


Evie Goodman... The Sister.

I thought long and hard about the setting for her portrait. After weeks of confusion and indecision I took her advice and waited for her sweet 16th... For the most pink-embellished sleepover girls night in, ever. Take a look at the finer details in the background of the shot, some of the pink paraphernalia is ludicrous. By all accounts the girls had many a laugh amongst their night of birthday celebrations (which I assume to be largely Chick flick-esc. and thus do not want to hear about) and equally, I'm sure it was a success (but I did not wish to stick around to find out either to be fair). They were even lucky enough to be graced with my drunken gormless face as I returned from Beluga a beaten man, upon 3 in the morn.

I'm going to return to this post, probably at a later date, to write something a bit more personal about Evie & our tempestuous history as rival siblings, but until then, make what you will of her portrait to add to my collection...


Andrew Parkes: Accounting...

As per.
I am making a perfect bound, hardback Photo book, which is proving to be expensive, however the end result will be priceless and look the absolute Don. I am therefore collating all those I care for in my life to form the body of work in which my noisy style will emanate from. Deadlines are looming for this project rapidly and so I'm going to pick up the pace.

This time it involves a VERY familiar face to the posts of Timblography, which says a little about the relevance of his inclusion. In fact Parkes is one of the best influences going and easily one of the highest calibre human beings I have ever met. Long live our brilliant polar oppositional dynamic and his OCD, Grandfatheral character aspirations. It is hard to avoid becoming horribly sycophantic when I reflect on the last few years of trauma & tribulation we have experienced as effectively brothers in crime. Alas we could not contrast any more if we tried (bar an undying love for metal of course). One more thing I will add just before I cease this mushy bromance business... Without the fella i'd have no idea how to pay the bills whatsoever. Which is a big deal.



Only I know what was running through my mind whilst on this ride. A night of ridiculous events must be balanced with nothingness almost immediately or I begin to melt inside. Isolation is constantly fixated upon my mind when doing this. Clichéd as it may seem, the exposure of these shots are almost certainly an example of pathetic fallacy.


A Seal in Deal? Shotgun.

The weather was appalling, the standard Sunday depression wasn't up to much either. I tried Bluewater for some retail therapy... Alas that plan fell on its face quick-sharp due to my insane lack of funds. So I bowled on down in the torrential rain to Deal of all places. The rain had thankfully eased off by the time I arrived, & I continued my love affair with Kentish coastline and its architecture, thusly. Lucky for me a cheeky seal popped his head up to say hello as well, which was an unexpected treat to say the least! It's worth mentioning that this style of shoot, I do for myself only. They have little to do with my course and simply serve as an excuse to divulge in escapism. I find the whole process, from travelling to final editing, therapeutic. It's rewarding for me to admire the results instead of desperately trying to make progress on my dissertation in the city week.

Enjoy the moody beauty that is the winter coastline folks....